A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Are you a retro enough Dad?" 


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  • Chill Vaporwave music.
  • Old-timey voice-over.
  • Deluxe SFX.

  • Summer, 1984.
  • Three minigames.
  • Fast shooting action.

  • Play as NervousDaddy, a timid competitor.
  • Made in 72 hours for #openjam17


Design/Art/Code by andrewhowizon

Voice-over by @CoalFire

Music by AIRGLOW (CC3.0 licensed)

SFX by the wonderful submitters at freesound.org (All SFX used are CC0 licensed)


Blender (Open source!)

Audacity (Open source!)

Unity (Not so open source..)


RetroDaddy - Linux v2_Data.zip 43 MB
RetroDaddy - Windows v2.zip 35 MB
RetroDaddy - Mac OS X v2.app.zip 40 MB


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wooo YEAH ! liked this shoot everything retro style gg top rating here is my play through 


Fantastic set of mini games, but I want more! Awesome choice of games, great audio, and smooth Gameplay. Worth the download! 

I wanted to make more but 72hrs isn't enough time! :D

I really enjoyed your video so thanks for posting it. Awesome thumbnail too. Keep up the great reviews, friendo.