A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Caught away from home during the apocalypse, this Dad needs to make it back.


  • Vaporwave-inspired low-poly art.
  • Professional-quality voiceover.
  • A relaxing time.

  • Collect gas and story fragments.
  • Raise your chances of making it back.
  • Enjoy a 3D procedural level.
  • Ride a hovercar.

  • Dissociative Dad was an entry to the 72 hour #dreamhackjam on GameJolt.


Dissociative Dad - Linux.zip 94 MB
Dissociative Dad - Mac OS X.app.zip 91 MB
Dissociative Dad - Windows.zip 87 MB


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good game like it


I remember downloading this on GameJolt last year in December! I loved it, and I hope it gets popular!

Thanks! That means a lot.

I enjoyed this casual obstacle avoid game! I don't mind that it's low poly but, after playing it I wish it had greater graphics. I don't know why probably just because I enjoyed the Dad's narrative so much! On to that though I found that his voice was too low and, was hard to hear him at certain points. I'm glad there was text but, it's hard to read and, pay attention at the same time!

Hello! I loved your game, it was very well done and the music was great as well as the voice acting. The simple design and gameplay was also awesome! This game is a real gem :D I made a let's play of your game here~

I loved your gameplay on this. This game is unique and glad i can watch it.